The Sinks is a popular disc golf course in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with short, technical holes in a heavily wooded environment. This course is perfect for players of any skill level. Inexperienced players will find the short holes easy for distance, while experienced players will still find the technical holes and hazards challenging.

The tricky layout is one of the main reasons The Sinks is so popular among Tennessee disc golfers, so make sure you brush up on these disc golf tips before you head out and play.. There are several holes with water (or technically “mud”) hazards, so pick your shots carefully to avoid picking up extra strokes.

A muddy water hazard at The Sinks in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Even if you don’t end up in the water, getting your disc out of some of the muddy ponds can be tough, so try to stay away from both of them if you are fond of the disc you are throwing.

The course also has a lovely, shaded setting with gorgeous forest views. While the trees make for beautiful windless conditions, make sure to bring some bug spray, as they also attract mosquitoes.

A tunnel hole at The Sinks disc golf course in Chattanooga Tennessee

Another thing you will want to bring to The Sinks is a clean towel. The course has a ton of muddy areas, so you will frequently need to be cleaning your plastic during your round unless you enjoy hucking dirty discs.

If you are a heavy snacker, there are plenty of trash cans throughout the course, so you won’t need to stuff your wrappers back in the bag or carry around your empty drink cans either.

The Sinks disc golf course is a must-play for any player traveling in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area and is a favorite among locals. You won’t want to miss challenging your technical skills on this popular course, so add The Sinks to your travel itinerary!

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