Disc Golf Flight Parameters According to Innova System

If you are fond of Disc Golf, you do care what equipment should be chosen. And the main equipment in this game is a disc. You probably know that there are some numbers on a disc. But do you know what they are for? Well, the numbers explain the property of the tool or to be precise they are flight ratings. You should not be confused with them when buying a new disk. On the contrary, they give you the information that helps to buy the right thing.

Disc Golf Flight Parameters

We are going to offer you a proper explanation of those numbers. But first we should mention that there are several manufacturers, which establish their own system for characterizing of discs. Everybody knows three systems. Now we will consider the first one – the 4 number system or referred to also as the Innova System. It is preferred by some other big producers that is why it is recognized by a lot of people and can be found more often in the market.

4 numbers

So let’s get to the bottom. There are 4 ratings mentioned on a disc and they are:

  1. Being almost a key rating it can be determined by a number on a scale from 1 to 13. Even professional golfers sometimes misunderstand the meaning of this parameter thinking that it defines how fast the disc flies. But that is wrong. Actually you should understand this number as the minimum speed needed for you to throw an implement if you want it to move in the air exactly according to your plans. The higher the number, the higher the speed. Do not be confused if you see number 14, some producers can use it.
  2. It is not difficult to understand. You can find glide graded from 1 to 7, but the most common discs have this rating from 4 to 6. The meaning of this number is the amount of float the disc has when flying in the air.
  3. It is also known as High Speed Stability and means the amount of curves made by a disc after it is thrown by a hand of a player. You can change this rating applying various throwing techniques. HSS is rated from +1 to -5.
  4. This final rating is called also Low Speed Stability and it is very similar to Turn rating, depending on the way a player throws a disc. It shows how the disc will return at the end of its flight. LSS is rated from 0 to 6. When you see a zero, you should understand that the disc will fly in a straight path.

Game for Hundred-Per-Cent He-Men

Disc golf is an exciting and challenging game. It makes the players fly into passion feeling competition. Still they are expected to be positive, play smart and of course escape throwing the disk towards other people, so there is a kind of responsibility here. The disk golf requires a player to learn the rules keeping them in memory. Mastering the learnt skill sets a man can apply them at work for example. Here you can see as your efforts are rewarded with improved skills and the perfect results. Playing this game a man improves his self-esteem.

Being very active disc golf is especially interesting for men who want to exercise in fresh air with fun and without dull works out in a gym. It does not require solid fitness training or some particular skills but still is very mobile and helps to get rid of excess pounds and relax mussels of neck and shoulders releasing tension. Frankly speaking playing disc golf is a perfect opportunity to be physically active without risk of injury. On the contrary, disk golf benefits cardiovascular health, prevents muscle wasting and bone loss decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.