Benefits of Disc Golf

Benefits of Disc Golf

Do you like active sports? If you do, then you should know the legendary golf game being a test of technique, skill and experience more than a physical form of a gamer. It is played with a ball on a particularly developed area and sponsored by Rolex, Nike and Adidas being respectful and thus preferred by rich people. This activity is of high prestige and requires heavy spending.

But there is an open-to-everyone version of this game – disc golf. It is cheap and can be played on any place almost even in the woods. This game is a real fun and a chance to get some exercises.

You Can Afford It!

This game became very popular in USA during the 1990s and continues growing till today. The game is not difficult to master as far as you hold the disc with your hand and there is no need to learn how to hold a driver. To start playing disc golf you should spend about $60 on equipment and that is almost nothing comparing with ball golf.

In the disc golf course there are 18 holes, which are shorter than holes in ball golf that is why a round is shorter – approximately two hours with four players. This means that there is more time for pleasure to play several rounds. The players are not expected to book a tee time and pay a green fee. If we compare courses for ball and disk golf, it will be apparent that the latter is much less expensive as far as it does not cost millions of dollars and can be arranged in a city park with the baskets, tee pads and signage. And besides it can be played in the snow.

Disc Golf is Beneficial for Health

This game will change your life because it is very good in struggling with depression, removing anxiety, and other psychological problems. In addition playing disc golf you will improve your fitness. In details the benefits will be as follows:

  • Contact with nature. A course is usually arranged in parks or woods and the players spend their time in fresh air interacting with nature.
  • Unique activity. It is a good opportunity to vary your exercises and achieve the better result with your weight control. This sport is for those who do not like works out but need to be trained. During one round a person can get rid of about 500 calories.
  • Communication with like-minded people. The game is fun and allows sharing your interest with others.
  • Expanding perspectives. People playing this game can boast of new skills and be proud of their achievements in this field.
  • Here you can rely on yourself only. It is not a team play and that builds confidence.
  • Diversification of everyday life. This is a good chance to change the daily environment and have a rest of your work and even family.
  • Relieve the stress. Being simple and active this game allows working out a neck and shoulders taking the stress away of them.
  • Here you can reach a goal and get this positive experience of achievement!

Recommended to Men

Taking into account all above said we can state that disc golf is what men need to stay healthy under any circumstances.  When we speak about men health, we mean such a disappointing disorder as erectile dysfunction. And the common causes for this deviation are lack of exercises, obesity, stress, anxiety and depression. Moreover, the things can be even more serious if a man suffers from some diseases of heart or nerves, which lead to impotence. Anyway spending several hours in fresh air, forgetting about difficulties in the office or somewhere else a man improves his strength. If there are some failures, the disc golf is a great possibility to take mind off things and try again later.

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