So what's the deal with this website?
We just couldn't believe a great disc golf course like the Sinks didn't have its own website - so we made one.  It's not the most professional, being created by a sales manger and mainframe computer programmer who had to recently teach himself some web crap to make the cooler back end things on this site work.  But, it's better than some courses around the country.  The local club message forum didn't seem to meet the needs of someone from out of town looking for a good course to play.  Also, we wanted to find an easy way for local disc golfers to find tourneys within an easy drive of Chattanooga.

We've approached this assignment with a total lack of reverence - after all what do you have if life isn't fun?  Please do not take offense if you are one of the architects of the Sinks.  Any jest we make is not at your expense - we love this course!  Suggestions are welcome - the delete key is an easy one to find if we don't care for yours.

Who am I to be writing about how you should throw plastic on this course?  Let me wow you with my stats: I can throw consistently 265 feet.  No more.  Even downhill with the wind at my back.  265 is it.  I am a deadly putter inside 8 feet or so.  I have played this game about 18 months, throwing year round every Saturday and every Sunday and I have never ever had an ace.  Ever.  I average a 56 stroke count on this course, with my best being a 51.

Is that an Epic in my hands at the left?  Yes, it is and that should tell you everything you need to know about me - off center and not very desirable by most of the population.

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Hi, my name is Ken and I'm addicted to plastic.  I've got a three disc a day habit and I need help!  Actually, I don't need help, I need more money for plastic. I've been playing for a year and some change and I can throw 265 feet in any direction except the direction I want the disc to go in.  I'm actually a PDGA member (#33906) and my current rating is an Amateur Novice rating of 820 and climbing!

The best way to describe my playing style is "Random".  Sometimes I make an good throw, sometimes I make a taco.

You can find me in the bushes trying to find my disc most of the time. 

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