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The Sinks disc golf course is a tight, wooded, technical eighteen hole course located an easy ten minute drive from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Why is our disc golf course called the Sinks?  Because of the many sinkholes scattered throughout this disc golf course.  Large sinkholes.  Deep sinkholes.  You don't believe, I can tell.  Click here for pictures, you doubter.

The course sports concrete pads, short and long tees, and multiple pin placements.  The Sinks also has a 350 foot driving range, a putting practice green, and restroom facilities . . . .sort of.  

The Sinks is meticulously maintained and is constantly improving, thanks to the good works of the fine folks of the Chattanooga Flying Disc Club.

The course is dog and stroller friendly.  Well, not the little umbrella strollers or the mall strollers but the ones with bike tires will work just fine.  Please get a bag or two from our bag dispensers and pick up after your dog and / or child.  Trash cans are provided at the entrance and at the white tees of Hole 4, Hole 7, Hole 13 and Hole 16 so please use them.  The squirrels see everything and they are little snitches.  UPDATE: Trash can has been added to Hole 10.

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Top 3 Scores for the week - Red Tees

Top 3 Scores for the week - White Tees

Current Setup
at least it was the last time we checked
Hole Pin(s) Short Long
1 B 329 367
2 B 228 294
3 B 315 335
4 B 267 306
5 B, C 279 393
6 B 314 362
7 B 286 355
9 A, B 240 378
10 B 325 357
11 B 310 334
12 A, B 169 304
13 A 155 202
14 B, C 290 462
16 B 302 369
17 B 243 288
18 A 170 210
Total Feet 4222 5316

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